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•North Monterey County Unified School District, August 6, 2019  

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Survey Example Primary          Report Example Primary   Survey Example Secondary     Report Example Secondary

•Mental Health Technology & Transfer Centers Webinar, July 11, 2019

  1. Languishing Students: Linking Complete Mental Health Screening in Schools to Tier II Interventions (download)
  2. School Safety, School Climate, and Student Mental: Interdependent Constructs Built Upon Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Planning (download)
  3. Contemporary Assessment of Youth Comprehensive Psychosocial Assets: School-Based Approaches and Applications (download)
  4. Wellness measurement resources (download)

•Fighting Back Santa Maria Valley: Local Community California Healthy Kids Survey Trends, June 4, 2019  Presentation  (short)  Presentation (full)

•Association of California School Administrators, School Mental Health Task Force, May 6, 2019, Sacramento Presentation

•National School Mental Health Conference Covitality Presentation, Las Vegas, Nevada, October 2018  Workshop Handout   Wellness Screening

•ISPA Conference Tokyo, Japan, July 2018

Round Table—Universal Monitoring of Students' Positive Mental Wellness: International Approaches

  1. Round Table Summary
  2. Introduction-Overview
  3. Assessing Japanese Students Social Emotional Health
  4. Applications Social Emotional Health Survey Primary: China
  5. Utilizing Strengths Based Approach: SEHS-Secondary United Kingdom
  6. Social Emotional Health Survey–Secondary (California)

•CASP Workshop, Monterey, California, March 2018


  1. Workshop Screening Overview
  2. Project CoVitality “Covitality" Handout March 14
  3. Project CoVitality “Validation" Handout March 15
  4. SEHS-S Resources 8 March 2018
  5. Screening Workshop Ex. 1 My life is going well Worksheet


  1. NASP The Importance of School Mental Health Services 2016
  2. NSMHC School+Mental+Health+Screening+Playbook
  3. SBCO School Resources Flye

SEHS-Secondary Items and Scoring

  1. CASP SEHS-S & SEDS Items and Scoring
  2. CASP SEHS-S & SEDS-S Sample Student


  1. CASP Workshop Screening Life Going Well 
  2. CASP Workshop Screening Complete Mental Wellness Model
  3. CASP 2018 SEHS & SEDS Overview
  4. CASP 2018 Step-by-Step Planning

Follow-up Questions and Comments

  1. Project Covitality Workshop Questions

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