Social Emotional Health Survey-Primary Take survey 

The SEHS-P (Furlong et al., 2013) is a 20-item self-report measure of covitality for middle primary school children. Covitality in the SEHS-P is measured from 16 items, with 4 items each assessing gratitude, optimism, zest and persistence. An example item for gratitude is “I am lucky to go to my school.” An example item for optimism is “I expect good things to happen at my school”. An example item for zest is “I get excited when I learn something new at school.” An example item for persistence is “I keep working until I get my schoolwork right.”

Four additional concurrent validity check items in the SEHS-P provide a supplementary prosocial behavior subscale score. An example item for prosocial behavior is “I follow the classroom rules.” The four response options are “almost never,” “sometimes,” “often,” or “very often.” Confirmatory factor analysis and latent means analysis suggests the SEHS-P appropriately measures the first-order constructs of gratitude, optimism, zest persistence and identifies a separate prosocial behavior subscale.

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