Social Emotional Health Surveys

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The Social Emotional Health Survey System captures key traits that are the heart of what parents and educators work toward, strive to provoke, and hope for all children. 

It is not just what children know and learn as they got up, however valuable academic learning is, but who they become as human beings and how they develop the inner personal strengths and social resources needed to guide them into a meaningful life encompassing self-competence, mutually supportive relationships, and community contributions. 

The SEHS surveys includes three developmentally appropriate surveys— Primary, Secondary, and Higher Education versions—all of which provide insights about core psychological self-schemas or mindsets that form the platform on which each individual builds a life of character and purpose.

Researchers worldwide are contributing to the understanding of youth covitality. 

The Primary form has been translated into Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish (for California and Spain), Slovak, Turkish, and Dutch. 

The Secondary form has been translated into Chinese, Dutch, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Turkish, Greek, Slovak, Lithuanian.

The Higher Education form has been translated into Chinese, Spanish (California, Mexico, and Spain), and Slovak.

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