Social and Emotional Wellness Resources

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 Social Emotional Health Survey-Secondary (slides)

 Social Emotional Distress Scale (survey says… validity study)

 Bi-dimensional mental health model (chapter, slides)

 Screening Steps (slides)

 Primary Version

 Higher Education Version 

 Covitality Demo (slides)   Mischievous Reponder

B. Tier I Assessment Resources

1.      BASC–3 Behavioral Emotional Screening System (web)

2.      SABERS: Social, Academic, and Emotional Behavior Risk Screener (web)

3.      SABERS Teacher Items, Parent, and Student Forms (web)

4.     Systematic Screening for Behavioral Disorders (SSBD)  (web)

5.      Student Risk Screening Scale (SRSS-IE) Dr. Kathleen Lane (web)

6.      International Subjective Wellbeing Project (web)   Wellbeing Questionnaire (file)

7.      Delaware Positive Behavior Support Project (web)

8.      Dr. Tyler Renshaw Wellbeing Measures (web)

C. Tier II Assessment Resources

9.      American Psychiatric Association Assessments (web)

10.   Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment (web)

11.    Behavioral Assessment System for Children, Third Edition (web)

12.   Kaiser Study: Trauma and Health (video)

13.   Adverse Childhood Experiences (web)

14.   Santa Barbara Asset and Risk Assessment (web)

15.   Positive Emotions Broaden and Build Survey (example survey, model)

16.   Academic Emotions Academic Emotions Math Class (example survey)

17.   Signs of Suicide: (web)

D. Issues in Emotional Disturbance

18.   SED Schools of Thought (doc)

19.   SED School Psychology Review (Dr. Amanda Sullivan, review case law, doc)

20.  DSM-V Conduct Disorder (doc)

21.   Delinquency and ACEs

22.   Delinquency and mental health

23.   Discerning ED and SM (Colorado DOE webinar)

24.   Colorado Department of Education (doc)

C. Strategies (Some possibilities)

25.   Covitality Fact Sheets (web)

26.   Mission Hill Middle School

27.   Optimistic classroom (doc and slides)

28.   Empathy HEROES: (Prezi)

29.   Aileen Fullchange Empathy (web)

30.   Suldo, Promoting Student Happiness (web)

31.    Resilient Classrooms

32.   RULER (web)

33.   Model Suicide Policy California (doc)

34.   Toolkit for Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention (web)

35.   Center for Greater Good (web)

36.   Second Step Updated Middle School (web)

E. Mental Health Planning and Integration

37.   PBIS District Resources (web)

38.   PBIS Assessment Workgroup

39.   Now is the Time Technical Assistance Center SAMHSA

40.   Referral Toolkit SAMHSA (KEY RESOURCE)

41.   Project Aware SAMHSA

42.   School Health Performance Evaluation System  (assessment resources) Bronze Silver

F. Miscellaneous

43.   Multidimensional School Anger Inventory

44.   California School Climate and Safety Survey

45.   California Bully Victim Scale 

46.   System of Care: Santa Barbara County

47.   Cultural competence: (Dr. Janie Jones, Colorado DOE)

48.   Social Emotional Learning Starts with Teachers

49.   Colorado Social Emotional Learning Forum (June 8, 2017)

50.   Colorado Education Initiative Universal Screening Toolkit

G.    Update of Project CoVitality

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